Hu Chia

Hu Chia is the third-generation descendant and artist of Taiwan’s Monkey-Crane Double Form Chuan Qigong, a martial arts form with a history of nearly two hundred years. As the founder and artistic director of Miè Theatre, he uniquely combines this traditional martial arts with modern dance art, showcasing the resilience and vulnerability of life. His work integrates resistance against fate with the pursuit of love and freedom, embodying the true spirit of selflessness in martial arts. Additionally, Hu Chia merges calligraphy with contemporary art, participating in multiple exhibitions. His works explore traditional forms while incorporating contemporary social issues, demonstrating an open and diverse perspective. With international performances and cultural exchanges in over twenty countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Hu Chia has enriched his artistic career, spreading his works globally and expanding his artistic horizons. Overall, with his unique creative approach and rich artistic career, Hu Chia embodies a contemporary artistic perspective, deeply contemplating and expressing social, cultural, and historical themes in pursuit of life, love, and freedom.



胡嘉是台灣猴鶴雙形拳第三代傳人和藝術家,同時也是滅劇場(Miè Theatre)的創辦人兼藝術總監。他將近兩百年歷史的台灣傳統武術與現代舞蹈藝術結合,展現生命的柔弱與堅韌,融入對命運的反抗、愛與自由的追求,呈現真正的無我狀態武道精神。此外,他也將書法與當代藝術結合,參與多個展覽,作品探索傳統形式,並融入當代社會議題,展現開放和多元觀點。胡嘉的國際演出和文化交流豐富了他的藝術生涯,曾到訪二十多個國家,包括歐洲、美洲和亞洲,作品在全球範圍內得到傳播和影響,拓展了他的藝術視野。總的來說,胡嘉以獨特的創作方式和豐富的藝術生涯展現了當代藝術觀,作品不僅追求生命、愛和自由,也深刻思考和表達社會、文化和歷史。


Taiwan Monkey-Crane Double Form Chuan Qigong

The Taiwan Monkey-Crane Double Form Chuan Qigong is part of the soft-limbed internal martial arts system, boasting a history of nearly 200 years in Taiwan. This martial art form places a strong emphasis on training through gentle, slow movements, with a particular focus on coordinating breathing with the movements of the hands and feet. The body movements are designed to be natural and not contrived, characterized by agile footwork and supple limbs. It embodies the serene and gentle spirit of Zen martial arts, and its simple and natural techniques aim not only at physical fitness and self-defense but also at lifelong character cultivation. Through the practice of Monkey-Crane Double Form Qigong, the strong develop empathy, while the weak gradually gain confidence, fostering invaluable mutual support.



Hu Chia Butoh

For him, the practice of Butoh is like a transformative mirror, and experiencing the spiritual reflection it evokes brings him closer to self-awareness. Butoh skillfully mirrors the emotions and thoughts within him, guiding him into a state of meditation and emptiness. Its wordless artistry and expressive power facilitate a dialogue with his inner self, providing a wonderful spiritual experience. The profound process of self-discovery is both moving and enriching.




2011-Butoh Calligraphy Art Performance ”Origins” Cross Strait Chinese Calligraphy Biennial Tradition and Experimentation,Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall,Taipei,Taiwan 展演「淵」兩岸漢字傳統與實驗書藝雙年展,國父紀念館,台北,台灣

2014-Curator and Performer”Wander” MadL,Taipei,Taiwan 策展展演「繞-系列」,madL藝文空間,台北,台灣

2019-Performer “Ruin" invited to the Hokkaido Butoh Art Festival, Ando Tadao Sculpture Museum, Hokkaido, Japan. 演出舞踏「骸」受邀參加北海道舞踏藝術節,安田侃雕刻美術館,北海道,日本

2010-curator, performer,”Mystic Dance Drama” Dance Forum Taipei, Image Museum of Hsinchu City,Taiwan 策展展演「詭舞劇」,皇冠小劇場、新竹市影像博物館,台北市、新竹市,台灣

2012-Performer “Realm of Trance”,Nangang Bottle Cap Factory, Taipei,Taiwan 展演「別境」公視仗藝之言,當代藝術紀實專訪,南港瓶蓋工廠,台北,台灣

Creative Concepts

Fusing contemporary calligraphy with Butoh aesthetics, Hu Chia has creatively expanded the realm of art. This interdisciplinary interaction not only enriches the forms of artistic expression but also provides the audience with a diverse and spiritually contemplative shared space.


2010-Performer“Maze” Pervaded Paradise DIY Art Festival by HuaShanFon, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei,Taiwan 展演「迴瀰宮」台北華山風自助藝術節,華山1914文化創意產業園區,台北,台灣


The countless repetition required for training in the martial arts enabled me to experience a delicate, keen, and natural reaction amidst a calm focus. On my journey to embody a spirit of Budo, I deeply felt a sense of love and freedom. To defend all that I love, I fight, and obtain the “freedom” that is so fundamental to man. Human existence became meaningful.


Contemporary Calligraphy Art

2009-Exhibition "Regression" Hu Chia Contemporary Calligraphy Art , National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Huagang Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2011-Exhibition "Ink Impressions" Hu Chia Contemporary Calligraphy Art , Image Museum of Hsinchu City, Taiwan

2014-Exhibition "Will" Passion for freedom,Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK

2019-Exhibition "Endless Mountain " Contemporary Calligraphy, Suho Paper Memorial Museum, Taipei City, Taiwan

2019-Joint Exhibition "Ink Now", Yuan Ru Gallery Taipei Exhibition & Expo, Taipei City, Taiwan

2020-Exhibition "OVERPOWERING" Hu Chia Contemporary Calligraphy Art & Taiwan Butoh Solo Exhibition, Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung City, Taiwan

2014-2021-Organizer of the "Love for Freedom Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition" for seven editions. Taipei, Tauyuan, Hsinchu

Hu Chia’s Butoh Journey

2009-Exhibition and Performance Contemporary Calligraphy and Butoh "Regression", Taipei Fringe Festival, Baili Hall, Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan

2017-2022-Curator of the "Taiwan International Darkness Dance Festival" for four editions.

2019-Performance of Butoh "Ruin" invited to the Hokkaido Butoh Art Festival, Ando Tadao Sculpture Museum, Hokkaido, Japan.

2019-Performance of Butoh "Baizi" invited to the Jeju Island Experimental Art Festival, World Natural Heritage Jeju Island Outdoor Theater, South Korea.

2019-2021-Performances of Butoh "Wind" and "Plague" invited to the "Chiau Art Festival," Chiau Park, Akita City, Japan.

2021-Video "Dance Ink" invited for online screening at Asia Tri Jogja, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

2021-Curator of the International Dance Forum, Taiwan Contemporary Butoh, at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan.

2021-Choreography and Calligraphy Theme "Love.Slay" for the film.

2022-Physical guidance for the film "Flowing at No.15."

2022-Curator of "Butoh Asia - History and Present" for the "New Southbound Overseas Exchange Project" at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan.

2022-Exhibition of Contemporary Calligraphy "Regression" and Butoh "Black Fern" invited to the First Vienna Multi-form Butoh Art Festival, Das lot, Austria.

2023-Lecture on "Butoh X Qigong" invited to the "Berlin Taiwan Association Annual Cultural Exchange," Berlin Office, Germany.

2023-Exhibition of Contemporary Calligraphy "Regression" and "Kuroshio" invited to the "Butohpolis. International Butoh Art Festival," Teatr Akt, Warsaw, Poland.

2023-Curator and Artistic Director of the "Taiwan-Hong Kong Butoh Cultural Festival - Monstrous City" at the Musforum Music Theater, Taipei, Taiwan.

2023-Exhibition of Contemporary Calligraphy "One" and Butoh "Dream" invited to the "Japan-Taiwan Butoh Exchange," Terpsichore, Tokyo, Japan.




2014-展出「袈裟」受邀聯展 Passion for freedom 藝術節,Embassy Tea Gallery,倫敦,英國






2009-展演 當代書藝「迴」、舞踏「迴-生命回歸」,台北藝穗節,百里廳,台北國際藝術村,台灣





2021-錄像「舞墨」受邀線上播映 Asia Tri Jogja ,日惹,印尼

2021-策展「當代舞踏線上播映國際交流論壇」,華山 1914 文化創意產業園區,台北市,台灣




2022-展演 當代書藝「迴」、舞踏「黑蕨」,受邀參加「第一屆多元舞踏藝術節」,Das lot,維也納,奧地利

2023-講座 「舞踏X氣功」,受邀參加「柏林台協年度文化交流」,駐德國臺北代表處,柏林,德國

2023-展演 當代書藝「迴」、舞踏「黑潮」受邀參加「城邦國際舞踏藝術節」,Teatr Akt,華沙,波蘭


2023-展演 當代書藝「一」、舞踏「夢」受邀參加「日台舞踏交流」,テルプシコール,東京,日本

2023-Curator and Artistic Director of the "Taiwan-Hong Kong Butoh Cultural Festival - Monstrous City" at the Ten Directions Music Theater, Taipei, Taiwan. 策展人暨藝術總監「臺港舞踏文化祭-妖獸都市」,十方音樂劇場,台北,台灣

2016-Convener, performer“3rd Love for Freedom Calligraphy Art Festival” Art Site of Railway Warehouse, Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan 召集人暨展演者「第三屆愛自由當代書藝聯展」,新竹市鐵道藝術村,新竹市,台灣

Hu Chia

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